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Gold Spike

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Showmen's Choice
Showmen's Choice
Keeps degestive system on track before, during & after the show!

  • Keeps your sheep healthy by creating a stable rumen environment, the health center of the sheep.
  • Contains linseed oil to provide a shiny coat
  • Speical packaging for bacteria protection, easy handling, and transport.
  • Reduces symptoms of acidosis

Feeding to promote health
1/3 to 1/2 (1 oz scoop) daily

During season or stress periods
1/2 to 3/4 (1 oz scoop) daily

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StartUp Gel
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#SUG StartUp Gel
StartUp Gel
A powerful rumen booster to start up digestion

  • Aids in stimulating the digestive track and helps get sheep back on feed during periods of high stress
  • 83 times more Smart bacteria to start up and go
  • Vitamin E fortified

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Gold Spike Powder
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Gold Spike Powder
Gold Spike Powder

An Immune Booster

A healthy gastrointestinal tract resists growth of pathogens and helps maintain a properly functioning immune system.  Priority's Gold Spike includes branded strains of Smart bacteria for pathogen management and immune booster.

  • Communicates with the immunesystem on how to function when challenges arise
  • Kills pathogens (bad guys) in the early stages of life
  • Helps improve feed intake
  • Helps stop barn cough &scours
  • Helps protect against fungus
  • Helps decrease days off feed
  • Improves the number and quality of embryos in donor ewes

Please know that shipping charges will be adjusted for the 8 lb and 20 lb pails.  Orders placed online will not reflect the correct shipping charges when purchasing these sizes.

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