Grow and Shine - 32 oz.
- Supports Hair Growth*
- Enhances Hair Shine*
- Maximizes Overall Hair Energy*
Have you ever wondered how the industry's top winners get that velvet appearance on the body and the volume of leg hair?  The secret is out...melatonin supplementsGrow and Shine is a melatonin supplement combined with other beneficial ingredients that enchances hair production!  The liquid formula makes it easy to administer, and when given properly, over a three to four month period, can produce AMAZING results!

Description:  The ingredients in Grow and Shine have been shown to increase hair growth, hair sheen and is also known for it's calming properties.

Melatonin -
has been shown to revitalize hair growth and also know for it's calming properties.

Biotin -
is an essential member of the B-Complex Family and is very important for healthy looking hair. Biotin has been shown to be effective to stop and prevent hair loss.

Niacin -
Works best in conjunction with Biotin to promote healthy hair growth.  Niacin increases blood flow to the follicle, which is very important to hair growth.

Folic Acid -
essential for the production of red blood cells, tissue cells and normal growth.

Vitamin B12 -
Plays an important role in promoting healthy skin and hair.

Pantothenic Acid -
Studies have shown that Pantothenic Acid plays an important role in hair-loss prevention.

Iodine -
The thyroid gland plays and important part in healthy hair and skin.  The Thyroid is dependent upon iodine to function.

Zinc Oxide -
Zinc is important for normal hair health.  Zinc has also been used for treating alopecia and baldness.

Manganese Gluconate -
necessary for bone, skin and ligament formation.

Choline Bitartrate and Inositol -  
work together in the body and are responsible for the formation of lecithin in the body. They play an important role in the prevention of hair-loss and stimulation of hair-growth.


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